Earn Money with MyStake Affiliate Program: A Step-by-Step Guide

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Interested to become a Casino Affiliate, but don’t know How things work out there? Noticed famous people making millions, being affiliated with different casinos? You can do the same!

Affiliate marketing is a promotion model through which a company or brand pays third-party publishers to develop traffic and demands for the company’s products and services.  There are a lot of affiliate marketing tactics where both sides – Company and Affiliates, get the benefits.

Most affiliates promote products and services by creating banner ads, and posts, sending emails to potential clients, publishing articles, images, videos, etc. That’s how they reach the people who are looking for casino and don’t know where to play.


How Does an Affiliate Get Paid?

Affiliate marketers get a commission by referring customers to brands/companies where they make investments. Same system works for Casino Affiliate models. The commission ranges differently, depending on the company/brand and also the affiliate’s social channel where he/she promotes products or services. For example, Mystake Affiliate Campaign offers industry-leading commissions with up to 50% revenue share with its top affiliates.


What Is Revenue Share? / How The Commission is Calculated?

Revenue share is a business proposal by which companies share their benefits or losses with stakeholders – in this case, affiliates. In the online casino industry commission calculation scheme is as follows – a certain percentage of your net gaming revenue is your revenue share. Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) = (bets – wins – bonuses-admin fee) – to explain in more detail: NGR is player bets minus wins, minus bonus costs, minus the market fee. Percentage of the revenue share depends on the affiliate their activity and traffic.


What Is CPA

CPA means cost per acquisition and it is used to pay for FTD (First Time Deposit). For example, if the user registers with your referral link and deposits money you will get a certain amount of money. The amount is upon negotiation before starting a collaboration, thus it will differ from affiliate to affiliate.

What is the baseline? It is the minimum amount of deposit which your visitor should deposit to get you a CPA.


What Is the Hybrid Deal?

A hybrid deal in affiliate marketing includes both: revenue share and CPA which means that from the deposits, which are made by your tracking link, you get not only revenue share but also CPA too. Such deals are mainly suitable for big affiliates with great and regular traffic. 


What Is No Negative Carryover?

When you have finished the month with a negative balance it does NOT carry over into the next month. We call it No Negative Carryover.
To put it simply, if your affiliate balance is negative, it will nullify next month.


What Is Sub Affiliate?

If you enjoy generating commission by being an affiliate and want to invite your friends to be affiliate like you, you can do that as well and MyStake will pay you a special commission for that!

You can simply ask the Affiliate Department to give you a sub-affiliate link. This will allow you to register as many affiliates on their platform, as you wish. Your additional income is dependent on the performance of the sub-affiliates since you will get a designated percentage from their commission amount. So the more your sub-affiliate earns, the more your additional income is. As usual, an average sub-affiliate commission cut is 10%, which means that you will be earning 10% from the commission of your sub-affiliates and this is just because you referred them to join the website’s affiliate team!


How to Become An Affiliate On

In order to become an affiliate partner of Mystake, all you need to do is to sign up on their affiliate website. Once your account is activated, you will be given a tracking link and records.

You can also contact affiliate managers through this email [email protected] for more details.

Earn Money with MyStake Affiliate Program: A Step-by-Step Guide