Armada Game - The New MyStake Minigame

Armada: The New MyStake Minigame

The most recent addition to the MyStake family of Mini Games is called Armada, and it is unlike any other game that we have played. MyStake has never failed impress us with the wide selection of mini casino games available. There has been a lot of success with Chicken, Dino, and Icefield. There is one thing that all of these mini games have in common, and that is, most crucially, the potential for profit. The enormous RTP ratio of 99% that is shared by all of the MyStake Minigames positions them as the most lucrative game in the sector. Armada is also about guessing, but in a different way, and so are the other games in this category. Armada is exclusive to the MyStake Online Casino, where it may be played. You won't find this feature on any other online casino company. Armada is a custom minigame that was produced for MyStake by UpGaming, a business that specializes in the development of minigames.

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Armada Casino Game: Detailed Review

The latest MyStake Mini Game is called Armada, and it is inspired by the history of the several expansions of the famous Spanish Armada fleet. The concept of the game is based on the well-known player vs player battleship game (Sea Battle). Armada is a kind of wagering game played online. The dimensions of the hidden board are 10 by 10, and the objective is to predict the configuration of the naval fleet based on the information provided.

Armada, just like the other My Stake Mini Games, offers a guaranteed return to player percentage of 99. You are required to make a deposit of real money in order to play at the MyStake casino. It will cost you money to take part in the game. Each time you participate in the game, you put your own money on the line. You should play the game at your own risk, since the purpose of this page is just to provide information and in no way encourages, recommends, or compels you to participate in the game.

Each round of the game requires a wager in real money. Because the amount that you stake may range anywhere from 0.2 dollars to one thousand dollars, the game is accessible to participants of all financial means.

Armada Game Rules - How To Play?

If you've ever participated in a Player vs Player Sea Battle, then the game's rules should come very naturally to you at this point. The game board, often known as a map, has dimensions of 10 squares by 10 squares and is labeled with the numbers 1-10 and the characters A to J. There are one hundred containers in all. On top of the map, there are a total of ten ships that are scattered around in a random pattern. It is not possible to alter the number of ships that are currently on the board since this value is set in stone. Due to the varied sizes of the ships, there are a variety of box configurations that can accommodate them.

The Gameplay of Armada

Out of a total of one hundred boxes, there are a total of twenty filled with various components of the ships. You currently possess 5 explosives. If you are unable to hit the right box, the number of bombs will drop; however, if you are successful in hitting the target, the number of bombs will not decrease. To summarize, you have a total of five lives.

After you have successfully struck the target, you have no way of knowing the size of the ship, unless it is a single-box spacecraft. If you strike the tiniest ship, it will instantly explode, and you will be given the choice to pay out any wins you have accumulated. If you have already struck a larger ship, you should continue striking it in either the horizontal or vertical direction to totally sink it (the formation of the ship cannot be diagonal). After the whole ship has been sunk, the cashout feature will become accessible to use. There is no cashout option whether you take out a quarter, a quarter, or three quarters of the ship.


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Other Game Characters

There are more things than ships on the gaming map. There are extra parts, and depending on how you use them, your odds will either improve or worsen. Let's go through everything you could find on the game map, starting with the pieces:






Extra 9 Bombs



If you manage to strike on the 9x bomb piece, you'll be rewarded with an extra set of 9 bombs for your arsenal. You will end up with 14 lives as a result of this, which is an improvement over the previous total of 5. This can be incredibly useful for helping to complete tough levels that require a lot of firepower, as it gives the player an extra set of bombs to work with and increases their chances of success


Extra 3 or 2 Bombs


If you manage to strike this symbol, you will get an additional three or two bombs as a bonus. This gives you an additional opportunity to win, since you now have an extra life.




On the whole map, the skull is the component that poses the most threat. If you hit the skull symbol, whatever wins you have will be canceled out, and you will no longer be able to play the game. There is still a chance that you will lose everything, despite the fact that you have previously sunk many ships. Because the skull position is the most significant source of potential loss in the game, you are required to make a decision on whether or not to cash out.



Chances and Multipliers

Armada is not like Plinko or AquaRings or Teleport in that the danger levels of the game cannot be adjusted. The levels of danger involved in each round of the game are the same. The game board is revealed at the conclusion of each round, at which point you may determine where each ship or skull is located. It is essential to have a good understanding of the multiplier that is granted for each phase. After destroying a ship, you will be given the opportunity to Cashout, as was just explained.

  1. 1x Ship - 1.3x
  2. 2x Ship - 1.7x
  3. 3x Ship - 2.4x
  4. 4x Ship - 5x

To earn the maximum possible victory in the game, it is necessary to sink all of the ships that are accessible. This game has a maximum win multiplier of seventy times. The maximum profit, which is the same as other mini games, is 10,000 dollars. To earn the maximum possible victory in the game, it is necessary to sink all of the ships that are accessible. This game has a maximum win multiplier of seventy times. The maximum profit, which is the same as other mini games, is 10,000 dollars.

MyStake Armada - Thoughts and Reviews

After getting a good deal of practice with the Armada game, we are confident in asserting that it is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable miniature games that can be played anywhere in the globe. The game is not entirely a game of luck, as opposed to some of the other minigames, and your choices and techniques will have an effect on the result of the game. It's an exceptional opportunity. There is not another casino game that requires players to use their skills. Armada is mostly considered to be a game of skill due to the fact that, on sometimes, you will be one hundred percent certain of the location of the next component of the ship. You have a one in ten chance of missing the target, but because you can readily examine every corner of the target, you can safely believe that the remaining piece is an integral component of the ship. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance and a fantastic opportunity to utilize your reasoning to your advantage.


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The game is at its best enjoyable when it has a healthy dose of both skill and chance. Armada has emerged as a top choice for many gamers all around the globe in a short amount of time. The stuff that the Tiktok and Instagram influencers, Youtubers, and bloggers create by testing themselves in this game is aggressively published on all of those platforms since it makes for such great content. The game is one that we feel strongly about recommending to others.

Armada Game - The New MyStake Minigame