Boosted Sports Odds on MyStake

Boosted odds on Mystake

MyStake Casino is introducing a brand-new promotion called Boosted Odds. Thanks to this weekly promotion, sports fans can raise their earnings with better odds on hand-picked positions from significant athletic events.

MyStake Casino users are able to place bets using Boosted Odds on their favourite sports. The casino will choose a position from a major sporting event every week and raise the odds for that specific stake. Players will be given the opportunity to profit more from a single investment as a result, which will motivate them to engage in the activity even more.

Another highlight of MyStake Casino's innovative approach to sports betting is this latest promotion. The casino anticipates that sports fans looking for a fresh way to get in on the action will be attracted to Boosted Odds. With boosted odds, you can increase your winnings. It will also increase the excitement of watching sports, whether you're a professional bettor or a beginner.


So if you want to make your sports betting experience even more thrilling, check out Boosted Odds at MyStake Casino. The higher odds on carefully selected positions from important sporting events will give you the possibility to win big in your preferred sports. For what are you still waiting? Take immediate part in the action!


General rules of Boosted odds

Here are the boosted odds for the most well-known sporting events! Obtain a multiplier for your favourite sports pick of x2, x4, or even x10!

The MyStake team will choose boosted odds for the most well-known sporting events. You must visit the website's Sports page and look for "Special Odds" among the various sports in order to see which markets are currently being increased. Only when a Boosted event is available will this tab be accessible If the "Special Odds" tab is not present on the sports page, there are no boosted events currently available.

You can view the list of possible enhanced positions by selecting Special Odds. For each event, there may be more than one selection available, such as Boosted Odds on Player To Score and Boosted Odds on Team to Win.


To make the most of this promotion, continually monitor the Special Odds market to ensure that you don't miss a chance to receive multiplied earnings.



All MyStake players are eligible for the Boosted Odds promotion.

  •           - A maximum bet of $100 or its equivalent may be made on the Boosted Odds position.

  •           - No other picks may be coupled with the increased odd pick. Only bets of one type are permitted!

  •          - Free bets and bonus bets are not permitted.

  •           - The outcome of the Bet on Special Odds event has no impact on the development of the "New Season Cashback" or any other ongoing promotions.

  •           - If there are many events available with boosted odds, you are free to put a wager on any and all of them.

  •           - There are no wager requirements for winnings from the increased odds market. The cash can be taken out right now.


So it is your chance to activate this bonus and gain much more profit than you expect from your investment!

Boosted Sports Odds on MyStake