Aquarings Minigame

Aquarings Minigame

MyStake is well-known across the industry for the unique mini-games that it offers. In a very short amount of time, the audience's attention has already been drawn to these quick games that are produced by UpGaming. Therefore, the former is probably not what drives MyStake to continue supplying its customers with such an impressive variety of minigames. The latter, on the other hand, undoubtedly is. Today, a completely original kind of minigame will be shown for the very first time in front of a large crowd. AquaRings is an innovative new kind of game that does not exist in any other form. To elaborate, everyone who has played this game has experienced the same two emotions: first, a sense of nostalgia for their youth, and second, a sense of amazement at the way the game is played. It is quite wonderful how the team at MyStake came up with a concept to combine the sophisticated game mechanics with the nostalgic aspects of the players' younger years.


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How to play Aquarings?

To begin, you will need to create an account at After you have made your first deposit, go to the Minigames section of the website and click on Aquarings. Determine the amount of your bet, then sit back and enjoy the game.

When you push the button, you are placing a real money wager on the outcome of the game, namely that the ring will crash with the pole. You will need to first make a deposit of real money into your account before you can take part in these real-money betting minigames.

This Upgaming minigame, like the portable version of Aqua Rings, contains a total of four poles. If you successfully insert the ring into the pole, you will get the value of your wager multiplied by the amount that is indicated as the pole's multiplayer. There is a range of 1.5x to 20x in the multiplayer mode. You may fire anywhere from one to five rings into the water by hitting the bet button. The ring is animated with water bubble effects as it is tossed to the top area of the screen, and it then proceeds to gently slide down to a pole that is located in the middle of the screen. If the ring does not make contact with any of the poles, you will lose your wager; however, if the ring does make contact with a pole, you will win the specified amount.

Play Aqua Rings

Rules for Aquarings Mystake

You may put bets ranging from 0.20 EUR all the way up to 1000 EUR in the Aquarings game. Therefore, this game is appropriate for players of all financial means. If you start off with ten thousand euros and play the Aquarings game, you have the potential to win a significant sum of money. As you are aware, the RTP (Return To Player) for Mystake minigames is quite high, and this game is not an exception; the RTP (Return To Player) that is given is 99%.

The concept of aquarings is quite straightforward and easy to grasp. In the center of the screen, there are five poles that may be seen. The primary objective here is to compete in such a way as to win the rings that are affixed to these poles. Altering the number of rings, from one to five, is another option. The colors of these rings change at random, but other than that, they do not have any unique multipliers or anything else to provide.



Each of the five poles has a unique coefficient, which may also be altered in accordance with the level of danger that you choose for the game. The coefficient of the first pole is 2.00X when there is a low game risk, and the coefficients of the other poles are as follows, in order: 3.00X, 1.50X, 4.00X, and 1.70X. The sequence in which the coefficients change when the level of risk is medium is as follows: 2.00X, 7.00X, 4.00X, 8.00X, and 6.00X. In terms of the high stakes game, the sequence shifts to read 10.00X, 4.00X, 15.00X, 20.00X, and 7.00X respectively. Be aware that if you decide to modify the game risk while you are still playing it, you will lose whatever progress you have made.


Bonus Round

You will get one additional point if you manage to balance all five rings on a single pole. After then, you will have the opportunity to gain 10 bonus scores, after which the betting procedure will be terminated and the bonus round will begin. When you enter the bonus round, you will be able to watch as 10 rings start at the bottom and hop their way up. When it comes to the value of each ring, this information is computed mechanically. For instance, the value of the first bonus ring is equivalent to the average value of the bets placed on those five rings that were placed on the pole that awarded you the first bonus score. This value is determined by the number of rings that were placed on the pole that awarded you the first bonus score.


Golden Ring

Golden rings appear one after another, and each of them has its unique multiplier that is determined at random. (it might be: 10x, 20x, 30x, … 100x). In the event that the golden ring is put on the pole, the amount of the win is determined by multiplying the multiplier (for example, 10x) by the average value of the five rings that contributed to the bonus score. The total amount won during the bonus round is equal to the sum of the most recent wager as well as the total worth of the golden rings that were positioned on the pole.


Conclusion about Aquarings Minigame

In conclusion, Aquarings is a fun and exciting online casino mini game that offers players the opportunity to test their strategic thinking and luck. It is easy to pick up, with simple controls and immersive graphics and sound effects. The game also has a high level of replayability, with a large number of levels that can be played and different strategies that can be employed. Whether you are a seasoned casino player or new to online gambling, Aquarings is a game that is worth trying out. Just be sure to gamble responsibly and only play with money that you can afford to lose.

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Aquarings Minigame